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Ubisoft Release Smartphone Strategy Game ‘The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles’


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The team at Ubisoft have announced that their free-to-play strategy game, The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles, is now available for download via the iOS App Store and Android Google Play store. Previously released as a soft launch exclusively in Australia earlier this year, the game is now available on a worldwide scale, incorporating the feedback generated from Australian testers.

Played both offensively and defensively, players must help the futuristic Dynamo City collect and protect orbs, the power source that fuels the city, from a rival robot. You must do this by controlling robotic warriors in search for orbs in obstacle ridden maps, with the intention of The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles being that it is an amalgamation of classic puzzle and tower defense games.

The robots’ unique abilities can be combined to navigate trap-ridden arenas when searching for orbs. Players must also deploy defensive units to protect their orbs from waves of invading robot forces, by strategically placing blockers and attack bots. With four different strategic puzzle modes, 180 stages to complete and dozens of robots to manage, players will have to contemplate their combat strategies as the difficulty progressively ramps up.

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