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Star Citizen – Red and Blue Drake Cutlass Ships Now Available


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Like the design of the Drake Cutlass but wern’t particularly interested in a variant dedicated to piracy? Cloud Imperium Games have released two brand new variants of the ship known simply as the Cutlass Red and Cutlass Blue, serving the roles of ambulance and police ship respectively. While you can read more on the specs for both ships HERE and HERE, the Cutlass Red will set you back $120 USD standalone ($135 USD package) with the limited run Cutlass Blue to be pricier at $150 USD ($165 standalone). Some basic information on both can be found below:


The Cutlass Red

The Cutlass Red converts the standard cargo hold to a well-equiped medical facility including an Autodoc. This starbound ambulance features the Nav-E7 Echo Transponder, a long range scanner, and a Secure Plus Docking Collar, making it ideal for search and rescue. This model also features a unique Red Crossbones skin.


The Cutlass Blue

Sleek, mean, and royal. The Cutlass Blue adds missiles, a more aggressive engine, and Durasteel holding cells in the cargo bay to the standard model. The Cutlass Blue is the outworld militia standard ship of choice for patrols.

[Source: Star Citizen Website]

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