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Core Game Features to Return to The Sims 4 Over Free Monthly Updates


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While the fate of toddlers are still unknown, Maxis have confirmed that they will be returning core gameplay features to The Sims 4 over the next three months as part of a set of free updates. Available right now is the the “October” update which sees the return of Ghosts, allowing your deceased Sims an opportunity to still live on with new behaviors and even playable should they be invited to return to the active household. Also available this month is a Star Wars costume set and new eye colours.

In the “November” update, their main focus has been confirmed as the return of pools and evidently a line of swimsuits for all ages and genders to go along with it. The “December” update will bring new career paths and rewards, hopefully returning some of the core “Sims” jobs such as Medicine and Politics back into the mix.

While they are all features that would have been great in the core game from the start, it is admirable that Maxis and Electronic Arts have chosen to make them freely available rather than throwing them in expansion packs. On that matter… we should be due for an Expansion Pack announcement soon….

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