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Star Citizen – Vote For Your Favourite Beverages



It has been a long, tedious day for you and your ships crew. After venturing into the unknown and loosing several members of your fleet to a swarm of pirates – you barely make it back to the hangar and decide to drown your worries with a drink. Heading to your favourite local bar, you are presented with a menu list…. should you go for something heavy like a Dugal’s Scotch or enjoy a refreshing Synergy soft drink?

In their latest “Lore Builder” update for Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games has chosen to discuss beverages… more specifically some of their favourite beverage submissions from the community which may very well make their way into the final game. The top ten suggestions have been put on a poll, with the community voted winner being submitted to the game’s graphic design team to have a custom logo made for it. As of this post, Black Mountain stimulants are coming in first place with 17% of the vote, while Snazzle fizzy fruit juice and Dugal’s scotch is coming second and third with 14% / 12% respectively.
Are you a backer and would like to place your vote or simply read the Top 10 beverage brand ideas? Click HERE.

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