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Update: Star Citizen Reaches $55 Million Stretch Goal



Update: $55 Million stretch goal reached.

Just the other day I exclaimed my surprise that Cloud Imperium Games had managed to receive $370,000 pledged towards Star Citizen on the same day they announced a concept sale for the Aegis Reclaimer. As of this post going live, the total funds pledged have reached $54,987,662 – with the total to likely reach its $55 Million Stretch Goal within hours if not sooner. Looking at the sales per day over the last week, the concept sale seems to have been really popular with early backers.


Upon reaching the $55 Million stretch goal, all backers irrespective of the funds contributed will receive a Preacher Armament Inquisition XXII “Ship Upgrade”, adding a complementary PAIR of ballistic Gatling Gun to their inventories. Voting continues for the $56 Million stretch goal gift.

REMEMBER, that even if you cannot pledge for a ship now, it will be possible to buy them in-game using credits rather than real money. Those looking to contribute to the development of Star Citizen and want to potentially walk away with a good deal come launch, could consider purchasing a low-price ship/game package such as the Aurora MR for $30.00 which includes the basic SelfLand Hangar, 1,000 UEC, 2 Months of Insurance, a digital manual and download copy of Star Citizen and its single-player campaign Squadron 42. Some other pledge packages include beta access and additional content.

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