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Sega Announces Emperor Edition for Total War: Rome II



SEGA in collaboration with developer Creative Assembly have announced that they will be publishing a new Emperor Edition for the 2013 turn-based strategy game Total War: Rome II. This edition is being billed as the “definitive” collection for the game which collects together all free content to date in addition to a brand new Campaign Pack expansion ‘Imperator Augustus’. This edition seems to be marketed for the convenience of not having to download all the updates/features upon booting up the game, with all existing Rome II players also set to receive all aforementioned content via automatic update at no cost.

The new ‘Imperator Augustus’ Campaign Pack seeks to add hundreds of hours of sandbox gameplay across a new campaign map reflecting the geopolitical boundaries of the Second Triumvirate War. Players will determine the outcome of a vast civil war, which saw Octavian, Marc Antony and Lepidus vying to become the very first Emperor of Rome. Alongside all feature updates from launch (Including Twitch.tv integration, touch controls, new factions, new units and now the Mac version), Emperor Edition also features an improved politics system, overhauled building chains, rebalanced battles, and improved visuals in both campaign and battle.


Mike Simpson | Creative Director of the Total War Team

ROME II was far and away our most ambitious game. We see more people playing, and playing for longer, than any other game in the Total War series. However, we take our players’ feedback very seriously. Through the multitude of improvements and free content updates we’ve brought to ROME II since its launch, we’ve worked hard to try and meet their expectations. We want Emperor Edition to be remembered as one of our finest games.

Total War: Rome II is published in Australia and New Zealand by Five Star Games.

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