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New School Uniforms Available for TERA Online



Having now removed the 2013 “Schools of Magic” uniforms from their Valkyon Outfitters cash shop, En Masse Entertainment have confirmed that a new set of school uniforms for female characters can now be purchased in TERA Online. A total of four separate “schools” uniforms are available for purchase including:

  • Dragonfall Community College
  • Val Kaeli School of Combat
  • Sister of Frost
  • Seren’s Night School

In addition, three sets of “lockers” are also available for purchase at 150 points apiece, which will provide a small chance of providing players with uniforms for the Arcadian Academy, Tirkai Tactical Training or Seren’s Night School (Dyable). While costumes are only available for female characters (With extra designs available for Elin’s), the accessories including spectacles, backpacks and caps which are also available for purchase can be used be anyone.

For more information, check out the Valkyon Outfitters Online store page.

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