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New Characters Confirmed for Inclusion in Dragon Ball Xenoverse


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Announcing the new Avatar system in Dragon Ball Xenoverse was not the last character-oriented announcement made by Bandai Namco for the game, with the publisher confirming the inclusion of four new characters in Xenoverse along with brand new features for the Avatar. It has been confirmed that new characters Mira, Towa, TokiToki and Supreme Kai of Time will have a major importance in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse storyline.

Mira, the artificial creature trying to be the strongest creature in the universe, and Towa, a dark scientist coming from a demonic world, seem to be up to no good. They are currently planning to change the DRAGON BALL universe as we know it. Just like the evil magician Babidi in the past, they are trying to gather as much “Kiri” as possible. For what purpose…? Only Supreme of Kai Time knows. After discovering their plans, Trunks was looking for someone worthy enough to take on those new foes and stumbled upon YOU, the player.

The Supreme Kai of time looks like a child but is far from being this young… Indeed, 75 000 000 years ago, this deity showed up for the first time and seems closely tied with the bird called TokiToki. Behind the disturbed and weirdly acting birdie, lies a very powerful life-form that can produce time!

As the main heroes of the game, all the players’ Avatars will have to be perfectly trained to take on those huge challenges… To do so, gamers will have to carefully choose which Original character they want to have as a “Master”! All the skillset and training patterns will vary depending on which Master (Goku, Vegeta, etc.) gamers have chosen! The “Master System” goes even further than that: the Avatar’s sensei can be changed and will be intervening on the battlefield during the battles.

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