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Microsoft Australia Market Xbox 360’s Holiday Line-Up with New Console Models


Xbox360E_Console_RHS_78_RGB_2013The launch of a next generation console is a double edged sword for gamers…. on one hand it means that the previous console usually enjoys a gradually reducing purchase price…. but at the same time there is uncertainty about how long games for the console will be produced or even available in stores for. Time will tell how long it is until the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are considered “classic” consoles like their predecessors.

But while the current generation of consoles may be too expensive for those on a limited budget at the moment, Microsoft Australia have today announced that they are marketing the Xbox 360 this coming holiday season as an even cheaper purchase – with improved bundles that are easier on the wallet and/or come with some improvements over previous console models. The money saved could be spent on other things or even a few extra games for the kids this Christmas.

Starting from October 1st 2014, it will be possible to pick up a new 4GB Xbox 360 console for $179.00 AUD – $20 off the original price of $199. A 4GB Kinect console will not cost $249 AUD (-$50) and a 250GB console by itself and with a Kinect will set you back $199 (-$100) and $299 (-$100) respectively.

Those looking at something better than they already own may want to consider the new 500GB Holiday Bundles priced at $279 AUD without a Kinect. This will feature the console at its highest storage capacity and comes with two popular FPS (Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II) and a month of Xbox Live Gold access.

In addition, EB Games will be exclusively selling a special edition version of this bundle. The Xbox 360 Special Edition Blue Bundle also includes an iconic blue console and controller, decked out with arctic blue accents. It includes everything mentioned in the bundle above, for the same low price of AU$279. Sales for this LE bundle will begin on the 7th October.

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