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6-Player Raid ‘The Vault of Glass’ Hits Destiny Servers


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Seemingly not looking to put all their eggs in one basket at launch, Activision and Bungie have today confirmed their first major-update to Destiny, bringing gamers the first of several six-player raids. Titled The Vault of Class, this raid dungeon seeks to provide the most intense and uniquely challenging end-game activity in Destiny to day, requiring strategic communication and close cooperation to win. Hidden on Venus, Guardians level 26 and above can fight for a chance to enter The Vault of Glass in search of gear and glory.

Destiny will also be debuting its first timed event, called Queen’s Wrath, from September 23 to October 6, offering all Destiny players additional Bounties to complete, challenging mission modes to unlock, and more Rare and Legendary rewards to earn.

Harold Ryan | Bungie President

Raids introduce the sixth activity to Destiny, in which players will have to battle their way through intense encounters the likes of which they have yet to experience in the game. It’s humbling to see millions of guardians enjoying Destiny already. We can’t wait for people to experience this exciting, new way to play the game and are committed to continuing to deliver new experiences to the Destiny community.

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