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Nintendo Promotes Connectivity in Latest Fantasy Life Update/Trailer


As mentioned a while ago, Nintendo will be publishing Level-5’s life simulation / RPG Fantasy Life on September 27th, 2014. Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS/2DS, this game will allow players to explore the open world of Riveria as one of many ‘character classes’, from angler and tailor to hunter and magician.

Nintendo have recently chosen to promote the new ‘Link Mode’ capabilities for the game, which will allow players to connect with friends via local wireless or online multiplayer to explore, exchange messages and keep each other informed of individual progress in the world.

Fantasy Life Item Exchange_ Art

Details on StreetPass support has also been provided, with the characters to those you StreetPass with turning up in your game as citizens of Riveria. While it doesn’t seem like they will join you throughout your adventures, befriending these characters may net you some rare items.

The final sharing tool announced is a Snapshots function, which enables you to capture in-game screenshots at any time by simply pressing the START button. With Sony and Microsoft implementing this feature into their latest consoles (Unfortunately not the PS Vita yet), this is a decision I would like to see more of in Nintendo-exclusive titles.

Gamers will be able to adventure through the dry deserts, snowy mountain peaks and pirate-infested coves which litter the world of Fantasy Life when it launches on September 27th, 2014.

Fantasy Life Leisured Life_ Art

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