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Nippon Ichi Software Unveil Great Edo Blacksmith



It has recently been unveiled that Nippon Ichi Software are working on a brand new IP titled Great Edo Blacksmith, an upcoming PlayStation Vita game with a mixture of dungeon crawling and erotic elements – aimed at men over 20’s. This isn’t the first time that NIS have attempted to target adult audiences exclusively, with their dungeon-crawling RPG Criminal Girls having a spanking / punishment system as its main draw.

Great Edo Blacksmith follows a swordsmith who only has one year remaining in his life. Despite his impending doom, and possible plot twist to extend his life at the last minute, he seeks towards attaining two goals – making a tonne of money using his skills as a swordsmith and falling in love with a girl (To possibly make her a widow in a very short period of time). The game will involve crafting swords to tell and gathering items in the dungeons with the aid of allies.

Great Edo Blacksmith is set for release in Japan on November 27th, 2014. No word on an international release, but with NIS America releasing Criminal Girls: Invite Only to western markets, anything is possible.

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