Great Edo Blacksmith

A Closer Look at Great Edo Blacksmith

Japanese video game developer/publisher Nippon Ichi Software have recently provided the gaming community a closer look at Great Edo Blacksmith, a brand new dungeon-crawler set for release next month in Japan. Great Edo Blacksmith follows a swordsmith who only has one...

Great Edo Blacksmith – Kiyohana Character Trailer

While we are still at least a little way off seeing actual gameplay footage for Great Edo Blacksmith, developer Nippon Ichi Software have shared a new preview trailer showing off heroine Kiyohana. She is one of the attractive ladies that...

Nippon Ichi Software Unveil Great Edo Blacksmith

It has recently been unveiled that Nippon Ichi Software are working on a brand new IP titled Great Edo Blacksmith, an upcoming PlayStation Vita game with a mixture of dungeon crawling and erotic elements - aimed at men over 20's....
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