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Ubisoft Boast Strongest New-IP Pre-Orders Yet for Watch_Dogs



Ubisoft have released almost countless memorable titles over their history in the video game industry, but Watch_Dogs has already beat them all in terms of pre-orders made for a new IP – and come second in terms of all-time pre-orders according to the publisher / developer today. The open-world action adventure is receiving a multiplatform release, initially to be available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox360, Xbox One and PC platforms, followed by a Wii U release at an unspecified later date.

In Watch Dogs players will assume the role Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy.  Now on the hunt for those who hurt his family, players will be able to monitor and hack their enemies by manipulating everything connected to the city’s Central Operating System (ctOS). ctOS controls almost every piece of the city’s technology and holds key information on all of the city’s residents. Players will access omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate targets, control traffic lights and public transportation to stop enemies, and more. Watch Dogs lets the player use Chicago as their ultimate weapon and exact their own style of revenge.

Geoffroy Sardin | Senior VP Sales and Marketing at Ubisoft

These strong pre-orders are a clear indication of players’ anticipation and excitement for Watch Dogs. The teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that players will enjoy a top quality game with enormous scope, and we can’t wait to get the game into their hands.

Michael van den Berg | Vice President of Merchandising at GameStop International

We are seeing tremendous excitement for the new Watch Dogs game. In fact, Watch Dogs is the highest pre-ordered next-generation console game to date. It is on track to be one of the top selling video games across all consoles in 2014.

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