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The Academy of Interactive Entertainment and Wargaming Announce Plans to Send Their Top Games and Alumni to Italy


Academy of Interactive Entertainment 2013 Showreel

The last time we discussed the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) on The Otaku’s Study it was in regards to Sony Computer Entertainment launching their “PlayStation First” programme, which had the aim of getting the developers of tomorrow familiar with developing on PlayStation consoles including the PS Vita.

The academy alongside Wargaming have this morning announced that they will be inviting their top alumni to a very special and important event this June is Tuscany, Italy to reconnect, network and examine innovation in education. The event aims to cement stronger relationships between alumni and encourage ongoing involvement in the education curriculum from alumni, some who now hold roles in major video game and VFX companies. Alumni will be flown to the event, which will run over three days in the Tuscany region. This event is being supported by Wargaming, the developer behind World of Tanks.

It is unknown what will come from this event, however expect to hear more on The Otaku’s Study should any further announcements be made. Given that there will be discussions on the education curriculum, I for one would love to hear the insight generated during this event.

John De Margheriti | AIE CEO

This is going to be a fantastic event for AIE. We created AIE in 1996 as a non-profit organisation to grow the games and animation industry in Australia. This is both a celebration of the alumni that have blazed the trails into the industry and also a rare opportunity to re-connect and gain their valuable insights

Stephen Wang | CEO of BigWorld

Wargaming and BigWorld have a long association with AIE providing curriculum input, expert speakers and employment opportunities for graduates. We’re proud to be able to make this event possible and are looking forward to meeting Alumni and seeing what they’ve achieved.

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