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Wizards of the Coast and New Zealand Mint to Team Up and Produce Limited Edition Magic: The Gathering Collector Coins



Long-running TCG publisher Wizards of the Coast in collaboration with New Zealand Mint have announced that they are working on producing official Magic: The Gathering Collector Coins made from “previous metal”. The first coin will be one ounce .999 silver and should be released in the coming months (Most likely the 1st March 2014) in a strictly limited mintage of just 5,000 pieces. While you would be pretty crazy to do so in my mind, the coin can be spent as legal tender for $2.00 in the Pacific nation of Niue.

Each coin comes packaged in a unique display unit, with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. The box it will be housed in can be seen at the top of this post.

Brent Hindman | Head of Sales and Marketing at New Zealand Mint

New Zealand Mint is excited to be engaged in this release. Given the worldwide phenomenon that Magic has become, and with such a rich tapestry of fantastic art to work with, we believe there is a wonderful opportunity to offer Magic fans high quality, enduring collectibles in precious metals.


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