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Nintendo Pay Homage to Classic Titles with NES Remix (Wii U)


In the earlier generations of video game consoles, Nintendo were a driving force between a number of genres and many memorable classic games that we look back fondly to even today. Out of the blue, Nintendo announced during their Nintendo Direct conference that they will be paying homage to 16 of these titles in NES Remix for the Wii U… and whats more it is available for purchase right now through the Nintendo eShop.

NES Remix features 16 different games, from Super Mario Bros. to The Legend of Zelda to Donkey Kong, taking the best gameplay set-pieces from each and re-imagining them with new twists and challenges. In addition to presenting levels as originally experienced on the NES, ‘Remix Stages’ are quick levels that have been altered from their originals to include brand new elements.

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