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Download Pokemon Bank and Get a Complementary Celebi


Celebi_Official ArtMy second ever Pokemon was a Mew that I had received during a promotional event at a toy store I used to pretty much live at back in my childhood (For the record, my first was a Squirtle). While over the course of my life as a “Pokemon Master” I have acquired many legendaries, the one I have never had the chance to catch was a Celebi. So this latest announcement from The Pokemon Company International is very welcome to myself and I am sure other owners of Pokemon X or Y.

The Pokemon Company International today announced that players who download their new Pokemon Bank app between the 27th December 2013 and 30th September 2014 will be eligible to receive the “Mythical Time Travel” Pokemon Celebi (National Dex #251).

This special Celebi comes with the move Hold Back, a restrained attack that cannot be learned by it through normal gameplay, which always leaves the target with at least 1 HP. This allows players to weaken a target with certainty and is very useful in capturing Pokémon. This particular Celebi also knows the moves Recover, Heal Bell, and Safeguard.

Players will need to use the Pokémon Link feature in their Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game to receive Celebi. After you have received your Celebi gift within Pokémon Bank, select Pokémon Link, and Celebi will be sent to your PC Box in your Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game.

Don’t want to pay the $4.99 annual subscription fee for Pokemon Bank? If you download both Pokemon Bank and its linked application Poke Transporter between launch and the 31st January 2014, you will receive a complementary 30-day trial pass. This should earn you your Celebi and the option to try the service before you buy it.

Download Pokemon Bank and Get a Complementary Celebi 3
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