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Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Now Available for Purchase on Playstation 3


Namco Bandai Games Australia have today confirmed that Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers for the Playstation 3 is now available for purchase, both through retailers and as a digital download title through the Playstation Network Store in both Australia and New Zealand. Developed by Dimps, the latest game based on the Saint Seiya manga is finally reaching gamers in 2 Cosmo-filled Editions: the typical Standard Edition and (For those with a bit of extra cash) the Collector’s Edition – Seiya Edition – including an exclusive Myth Cloth figurine.

There will be the opportunity to re-live a number of the sagas from Kurumada’s manga series with the Saint Chronicle Mode – with POSEIDON HADES and the 12 GOLD SAINTS arcs being available to play through with their fair share of strong soldiers. In Galaxy Mode, you will take part in a tournament where you will have to fight it out and be the last survivor in order to be crowned champion. There is also a Survival Mode where you can fight with harder conditions and a classical Versus mode – featuring both offline and online play.

Mathieu Piau | EMEA Marketing Director at Namco Bandai Games Europe

We know that SAINT SEIYA fans have very high expectations as they are very passionate about their favourite manga and any of its adaptation. Collaborating with DIMPS, who have a great knowledge in developing fighting and manga-based games;we’re excited to give them the opportunity to re-live the most famous arcs from the series, whilst fully personalizing the Saints and experiencing plenty of different game modes.

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