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Launch Trailer and Limited Edition Details Released for Showcased by Electronic Arts


When it came to the final expansion packs for The Sims 1 and The Sims 2, Maxis / Electronic Arts let themselves go and incorporated the element of magic into the game in some shape or form. However this wasn’t possible with The Sims 3 as they more or less introduced the entire system and more through The Sims 3: Supernatual. Therefore, they have decided to mark the end of The Sims 3 with The Sims 3: Into the Future… allowing your Sims to meet their future descendants, take up building Plumbots as a hobby or potentially changing the future into a dystopic one to name a few of the new activities.

From traveling around on jetpacks and hovering wind carvers to exploring a new career by building Plumbots, The Sims 3 Into the Future opens up a never before seen world of possibilities. Players will soon discover that their actions in the present world will impact the future. With three possible outcomes, in what future world will your Sims live?

After a limited edition of the expansion? While you won’t receive anything close to what you could expect in a main game launch, those who pre-order the LE will receive the exclusive Quantum Power Pack, featuring a hibernation chamber and multi-function power suit.

The game is set for release via both digital download and retail outlets on the 24th October 2013.

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