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Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Confirm Their October 2013 Plans for Playstation Plus Service



Sony Computer Entertainment Australia have today announced their October 2013 line-up for the Playstation Plus service, which is set to include major titles such as Far Cry 3 and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen as well some smaller yet nevertheless entertaining titles such as Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and Touch my Katamari. All titles will be available to download alongside other bargains and goodies from the 26th September 2013.

The Playstation Plus service will also be expanded to the Playstation 4 upon launch. While it will be more focused around bringing online multiplayer functionality to the console it doesn’t seem like Sony Computer Entertainment will be skimping out on their monthly offerings with both the DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition and Resogun being available at launch.

Information on Individual Titles

Venture beyond the reach of civilization in the mysterious Far Cry 3, where you’ll explore an island overcome by terrible violence and suffering. Whilst travelling with friends, you are taken captive and brutally attacked. Your last chance of survival lies in unravelling the dark secrets of the island and its disturbing inhabitants. Find a way to fight back and escape the island of insanity in this instant classic, available on PS Plus until October 23rd.

Also available for PS3 later this month is the hit game with a twist; Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Challenge your skills inside the magical surroundings of Warp Giana’s dream world and transform your abilities. Watch out though, you’ll need to keep your wits about you and use your speed to brave the dangers of Giana’s twisted dreams. This fast paced adventure will be available until December 25th.

In Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, you’ll delve into the depths of the mysterious Bitterblack Isle, where a dark labyrinth lies deep beneath its surface, haunted by the many voices of the Arisen and deadly secrets waiting to be uncovered. This game will also be available until December 25th.

For those who love to game on-the-go, grab your PS Vita and explore Street Fighter X Tekken where a deluge of hugely demanded characters join the fray in this tag-team based game. This dream collaboration between the two biggest fighting game franchises is now a reality and available to enjoy until October 23rd.

In the exhilarating ‘Shape changing and Ball rolling’ title Touch my Katamari, you’ll find yourself rolling everything from tiny ants to towering skyscrapers with the flip of your fingers! This PS Vita game is packed with addictive features such as collection, shopping and many more to explore whilst it’s available until October 23rd.

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