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Zen United Confirm Acquisition of Senran Kagura Burst for PAL Regions – For Physical and Digital Release Next Year


SENRAN KAGURA Burst02 XSEED Games Acquire Rights to Senran Kagura Burst on the Nintendo 3DS

Earlier this week it was reported that XSEED Games had acquired the rights to the Nintendo 3DS title Senran Kagura Burst, developed by TAMSoft and as the title implies is based around Senran Kagura franchise spanning several video game and manga releases as well as an anime adaptation earlier in the year.

The question remained… what company would pick up the PAL region rights for the game? Would it become another statistic for the “List of English localized games that never made it outside of North America”?. Fortunately Zen United (PAL publisher of Persona 4 Arena) came to the rescue and have confirmed they will be releasing the game in early 2014.

Surprisingly, rather than go down the digital exclusive route that XSEED Games is following, Zen United and making up for the release delay by also providing a physical retail release. Zen United have also launched an official European Facebook Page for fans of Senran Kagura which currently includes the announcement and a number of other goodies.

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  1. Oh Senran Kagura…

    I’m curious as to how PAL gamers react to this. I’m getting a vibe from NA gamers that this kind of thing is pretty embarrassing. Even if it’s a decent/fun brawler, the hypersexualized little moe girls just diminishes that. Stupid Lolicon crap.

    And also, kinda dumb that XSeed would prioritize a game like this over something else. They’re usually a really good publisher, picking up some awesome Japanese games with… let’s say, “broader appeal”, than this niche otaku nonsense. I mean, for chrissakes, they brought the Last Story out of Japan! And Fragile Dreams. And the Ys’ games! They can’t focus this energy on trying to pick up Drag-On Dragoon 3 (Drakengard 3) or something? It’s not like Square seems too eager to bring that out of Japan… heck, Ubi Soft had to release the last one in NA. But I’m getting off topic here.

    I suppose it’s great that people who wanted this outside of Japan are getting the chance to pick it up. I guess…


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