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Sega Sammy Reportedly Looking at Bidding for Index Holdings


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The news about the future of ATLUS USA and their parent company Index Holdings continues, with reports by Bloomberg Japan that Sega Sammy (A holding company that formed by the merger of Sammy and Sega back in 2004) is one of the twenty companies looking at bidding / acquiring Index Holdings.

It was also reported that some of the bids from these companies were exceeding original estimates of 15 billion yen – up to around 20 billion yen. It is apparently plausible that we will know who the final buyer is by the end of the month.This is good news for those who are worried or hoping that company X or company Y will be the successful buyer but don’t want to wait months and months to find out whom it was.

Of course, this is still the early days and anything is possible. With any luck whomever picks up the company treats the ATLUS brand with respect, doesn’t stifle their innovation through console / series restrictions AND allows ATLUS USA to continue for (more or less) guaranteed localizations.

[Sources: Bloomberg Japan, Siliconera]

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