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Namco Bandai Share Recap Video of Hideo Baba’s Trip to WonderCon 2013


As part of what seems to be a tour across the Northern Hemisphere at the time, back in late-March 2013 Hideo Baba (Director of the Tales series including Tales of Xillia) attended WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim, CA. His appearance involved not only a signing session for the lucky folk who were in attendance but also a “Tales of Panel” which the man himself answered questions fielded by the audience.

Namco Bandai have been sitting on recorded footage of the panel for several months, and with the games launch / impending launch depending on where you reside they have finally decided to release it as shown above.

Tales of Xillia follows Jude Mathis, a clever medical student attending school in the capital city, and Milla Maxwell, a mysterious woman accompanied by four unseen beings. Players will be able to choose either Milla or Jude at the outset of their adventure through the world of Rieze Maxia, where humans and spirits live together in harmony. The kingdom of Rashugal has been experimenting with a powerful device that has been draining the mana from the world. Realizing the harm it is inflicting on the world, Milla and Jude set off on a journey to destroy it and restore the mana back to the world. Over the course of the game their lives will intersect with a vast ensemble of characters that will teach them the strength of unwavering conviction.

Players will engage enemies with the critically acclaimed Linear Motion Battle System that the Tales of series is famous for. The system allows for real-time movement and attacks, giving the player a more tactile role in the midst of fights. The battle system in Tales of Xillia has been upgraded to Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System to let two characters combine their attacks to utilize devastating dual-character attack, letting fans strategize the best party setup for their style of play.

– Official Description

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