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Level 100 Shiny Pokemon Dialga Now Available from GameStop Stores in North America – Australia, New Zealand and Canada to Follow Soon


Shiny_Dialga_RGB_300ppiFollowing an announcement earlier on in the month, Pokemon fans in North America who own Pokemon Black / White 1/2 can head on down to participating GameStop stores across the region and pick up an extremely rare Shiny Dialga.

While as the cover Pokemon for Diamond every gamer owning the edition would be able to come across Dialga during their journey – under normal circumstances the chance of coming across its Shiny alternate colour form was very low.

Shiny Dialga will be available in GameStop stores until close of store on the 8th September 2013. On the 9th September, Shiny Palkia will be available instead. As always, players will need to have the Pokédex within the game and have no more than 11 Wonder Cards in their possession.

For Canadian, Australian and New Zealander gamers, the Shiny Dialga Pokemon distribution event will start on the 30th August 2013 across EB Games stores in both regions. For more information on dates for both regions check out: Shiny Pokemon Distribution Event Expands to Australia and New Zealand.

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