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Kemco Announce Sales for Three More of Their Mobile Titles – Not 99 Cent Sales This Time Around


Japanese mobile video game publisher KEMCO have announced that they are holding a summer sale for three of their digital download mobile titles for the iOS. Rather than being one of their usual $0.99 sales, each of these titles have been priced at between 55% – 57% off starting from today and ending at an unspecified date in the future.

The three games covered by this sale are:

Symphony of the Origin
$10.99 to $4.99

Ryle spends his days honing his skills as a soldier in the Kingdom of Granzalk. Out of nowhere, though, there is a sudden attack by the Evils of the Earth-depths, and because of this, Ryle finds that he’s managed somehow to start up Denoas, a golem built to oppose the Evils. And so the quest begins: Ryle takes the fate of the kingdom on his shoulders, and, along with Denoas, the golem built to oppose the Evils, sets off first to the village of the elves…

Machine Knight
$6.99 to $2.99

What choice will a young man, betrayed by his own country, make in another world…? An authentic fantasy RPG full of challenging game system and features!

End of Aspiration
$8.99 to $3.99

It is said that the peoples of a civilization that existed many ages in the past came to misuse the powers that they had, and were destroyed… Even in the present world, numerous remnants of that civilization still exist… and the Mafia are scheming to make use of those remnants for their own evil purposes. Standing up against the Mafia, one single woman…

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