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Only Hours Remain Until Ghostlight Make the Decision on if to Give Devil Survivor 2 a PAL Release



For those who regularly read this site you may already be aware that due to a number of reasons, the only way that Ghostlight could practically be able to publish Devil Survivor 2 in PAL regions is to reach 1,800 pre-orders for the game within the period of a month.

We have since gone from a month, to a few weeks, to a few days and finally a few hours until that deadline is reached… with pre-orders to close on the midnight between the 30th and 31st August 2013. The good news is that there is still a chance this will succeed considering they have not decided to pull the plug on the campaign prematurely. The bad news is according to Ghostlight’s Community Manager / PR Guy Ross Brierley, they are not there yet with a recent tweet stating:


They are down to the wire, but it is still not too late if you wish to pick yourself up a copy HERE or HERE. For more coverage on the game and the journey this month, check out the below articles:

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