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Goro Majima Voted Favorite Ryu Ga Gotoku / Yakuza Series Character


Over the last month or so, Sega and Studio Yakuza held a “Yakuza Character General Election” within Japan. This campaign asked fans to vote for their favorite characters from the long-running series which would then be compiled and revealed alongside a major announcement for the series (Which was the announcement of Yakuza Ishin).

For those who have yet to see the results of the character election, you can check out the above trailer which goes through the top 10. While it goes through a number of characters that were obviously going to be in the mix such as Kazuma Kiryu and Shun Akiyama, the top spot with a total of 203,667 votes went to Goro Majima.

Goro Majima has appeared in pretty much every Playstation 2/3 installment in the series, and was finally promoted to a playable character in Yakuza: Dead Souls which saw him alongside three other characters against a swarm of zombies threatening the safety of Kamurocho. While he hasn’t had as prominent a playable character role in the series, his personality and how the writers have handled the character makes him well suited for the spot in my opinion.

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