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Ashens Releases Full Trailer for “Ashens and the Quest for the GameChild” – Set to Air Free on The Multiverse Youtube Channel Next Week


Whenever we see a film about an adventure to collect something, very rarely (if ever) will it entail the search for something video game related. For the last few years, Dr. Stuart Ashen (He actually holds a doctoral degree in Psychology) has been reviewing games, knock-off consoles (Being particularly well known for his POP Station reviews), toys and other “tat” on his Ashens Youtube account.

After having appeared on television in two small BBC comedy series, a short series of 10 episodes known as “The Proxy” and netting himself and the production team a cool $73,690 through crowdfunding for the film – Ashens and The Quest for The GameChild is set to air online from the 8th August 2013 via The Multiverse Youtube channel…. for free to boot.

Of course if you prefer more bite-sized reviews of various types of tat (or dangerously old food)….. it is easy to lose an afternoon watching his other hundreds of videos.

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