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Timetable for Fourth Weekend of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Unveiled, New Walkthrough Video Released


With its 27th August 2013 release date drawing closer, Square Enix have released for those unable to take part in the currently on-going beta tests for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a brand new video preview. The third installment in the “A Tour of Eorzea” video series, it takes you through some of the more break-taking areas and environments that make up the realm of Eorzea that the game takes place in.

In addition, they have confirmed that the fourth weekend of Phase 3 beta testing is now live, however the actual end time for it is currently unknown. Beta phase 3 is running across weekends through June and into July, and serves as a way for gamers to sample the game world early, iron out any major bugs and hopefully ensure that the game this time is up to standards of an online game in 2013. Beta applications are still open, and you can apply to take part in them HERE. Applications for both the PC and the newer Playstation 3 edition are possible.

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