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The Last of Us Developer Diaries Part 4 – ‘Them or Us’


While The Last of Us has now been on retail outlet shelves for a couple of weeks now, this has not stopped Sony Computer Entertainment and Naughty Dog from wanting to share more of the development process that went into the game that has many whom have played it raving with compliments.

The various choices you’ll have to make with regard to combat in The Last of Us are representative of the larger human struggle in the game world. How will people act when tension is unbearable and their life might be on the line? What are the consequences of those actions once enacted? The third video in Naughty Dogs development series explored the moment-to-moment tensions in the world of The Last of Us, the fourth video looks at the action and potential consequences of inertia in the face of those tensions.

The Last of Us Developer Diaries Part 4 – 'Them or Us' 3
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