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Tales of Symphonia Character Trailer #1 – Lloyd Irving


With many of their Tales releases over the last few years, the team at Namco Bandai have liked doing preview videos for individual characters in addition to the usual major and gameplay-oriented trailers. Today we have been treated with the very first Character Oriented trailer for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on the Playstation 3 which encompasses both Tales of Symphonia games “Symphonia” and “Dawn of the New World“, originally only released internationally on the Gamecube and Nitnendo Wii respectively.

The trailer covers the main character of Tales of Symphonia Lloyd Irving and also gives us a proper look at the HD visuals to be included in this release.

While we have to wait until 2014 internationally for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles to hit store shelves, we now have less than a month until Tales of Xillia is released.

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