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BLOODMASQUE Now Available for Purchase on iOS Devices


Square Enix have this evening announced the availability of the action RPG BLOODMASQUE on the iOS platform. Purchasable via the Apple App Store, this game will set you back $6.99 which from past releases seems to be on the cheaper end of Square Enix iOS titles.

Set in an alternate vision of 19th century Paris, BLOODMASQUE pits players against a vampire-controlled society. Hunters can use their iOS device’s built-in camera to scan their face into the game and appear as the main character. Some of the other promoted features of this game includes:

  • Control finesse: BLOODMASQUE was designed with the touch screen in mind. Intuitive controls let you tap to attack and swipe to dodge as you combat a diverse monster’s gallery.
  • Spectacle: Unreal Technology powered action renders large-scale combatants and beautifully drawn stages smoothly and in terrific detail. Stirring orchestral arrangements accompany the action and take the sense of immersion to new highs.
  • Customization: Take a photo or use an existing one to see yourself in action against the vampires, or mix and match facial features, hairstyles, and skin tones to create a character all your own. Add pleased and angry expressions to see your hunter react in cinematic scenes and combat.
  • Comrades-at-arms: Recruit hunters other players have made and fight evil alongside the familiar faces of your friends.
  • Longevity: Full completion is timed at up to 20 hours – with a further series of challenging combat trials available after the main story ending. An array of in-game purchases help add to the experience and further expand options for players.

Unfortunately there are some console restrictions – with the app only confirmed playable on the iPhone 4S and above, iPod Touch (5th Generation and Above) and the iPad 2 and above.

BLOODMASQUE Now Available for Purchase on iOS Devices 3
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