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We Finally Have a New Trailer for The Witch and the Hundred Knights


After many delays over the last couple of months we have finally been fortunate enough to have some more information and screenshot batches trickling out for Nippon Ichi Software’s first game to use 3D graphics technology in lieu of the usual Disgaea-esque visuals the company have been known and loved for – The Witch and the Hundred Knights. Up until now most promotional material for the game has pretty much been limited to the screenshot and information batches.

However as a change of pace, take a look at this brand new promotional video for The Witch and the Hundred Knights released recently by the company. Coming in at four minutes in length it highlights several of the games critical characters, gameplay mechanics and more.

The Witch and the Hundred Knights is set for release within Japan on the 25th July 2013 – a little more than a month away from now. Nippon Ichi Software America have also confirmed plans for an international release but there is no word on just how long after the Japanese release this will take, especially with the companies release slate already comprised of localization’s for Time and Eternity, Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness and The Guided Fate Paradox.

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