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Garfield’s Wild Ride Now Available on Tablets and Smartphones


While I am a rather big fan of the Garfield cartoon strips, none of the video game, film or adaptation thereof  have never really managed to capture my attention. While I am not personally expecting much from this announcement, it may appeal to yourself.

The lasagna-loving lord of laziness, Garfield, has finally found the way to run off some of those excess calories in Garfield’s Wild Ride, the side-scrolling runner out now in smartphones and tablets. Now fans of the series may be questioning what sort of plot device would cause Garfield to actually run a distance to lose weight? Well the kicker is that he is fast asleep – and than when he isn’t dreaming of food he imagines himself hurtling through air, light as a feather n a world loaded with cat gymnastics, loony pick-ups and batty bonuses. Unlikely as it sounds, in his dreams Garfield can defy gravity.

Garfield’s Wild Ride offers accessible single-finger gameplay to guide Garfield through a series of treacherous obstacles as players tackle 45 different missions across 3 radically different environments. Unlikely bonus pickups include jockeying a giant Odie or donning a helmet for a spin on a skateboard, with the option to purchase coins for extra in-game items. Garfield can also be fully customized in wild ways from dashing hats to space-cat, with more costumes available to buy in-game and coming in future updates. Jettison lasagna – it’s time to lift off!

The game will set you back 0.99USD and is available via the following links: iTunes / Google Play. The game has been co-published by Namco Bandai Games Europe and Anuman Interactive (Under the Microïds – Games for All label). The game is also set for release on the PC and Mac at a later date.


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