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Gameglobe Creators Club Membership Program Begins


Square Enix have today opened up their new Creators Club Membership program for their Gameglobe service. What this membership entails is when a user subscribes, it gives users unlimited access to every building prop and tool in the services catalogue, which currently surpasses the 2,500 number of props/tools in total. This also will give access to the Multiplayer Closed Beta.

Gameglobe is a browser-based experience that allows players free access to endless game worlds and creative possibilities – and essentially is a game creation/sharing tool of sorts. Players can choose to either create their own game or simply play the level of someone else to get inspiration or simply entertainment out of it. At the moment there are 16,000 levels ready to play of varying qualities – and while I got a bit frustrated using the tools this may be up your alley.

A free Membership trial of this service is available this weekend, and a new Zombie theme is also reported to be around the corner.

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