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[E3 2013 Trailer] Rayman Legends Gameplay


When it was released in 2011, Rayman Origins walked away with second place in my Game of the Year 2011 awards just behind Nippon Ichi Software America’s release of Disgaea 4. The game hit all the right notes, with some fantastic visuals, creative music and some classic side-scrolling platforming with a few unique twists of its own.

Rayman Legends is the spiritual sequel to this game and while originally to be released on the Wii U console has since expanded to the other current-gen consoles and the Playstation Vita. During their E3 2013 conference, Ubisoft and their team at Ubisoft Montpellier unveiled a brand new trailer for the game which highlights the storyline and in-game footage of the title. I must admit, I now have VERY HIGH EXPECTATIONS of this release.

Also, who can pass up on music maps considering Rayman’s previous ventures into the realms of music gameplay (Heck, Just Dance was apparently inspired by the initial Raving Rabbids game as we found out today).

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