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[E3 2013 Trailer / Preview] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Sampler Video


So the other day we were treated to an E3-oriented compilation of goodies from Square Enix for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which included screenshots, a trailer and the games actual cover art. But do you know what we were still lacking…. some actual unedited gameplay footage from the title. If you are in attendance at the E3 Expo this week then you will be in luck as the company plan to have a demo available to play. For everyone else… there is the E3 Demo Gameplay Video.

When you initially look at it you pay think that they will give you a decent look at the gameplay, but in lieu of what could be have easily been a several minute video they have condensed the gameplay into a trailer just shorter than two minutes in length. This video which covers brief snippets from the demo is a mix of assumingly chronological battles and corridor wandering, and covers a point in the game where Lightning traverses through Yusnaan Palace and battles new monsters while in pursuit of Snow.

Still… better than nothing I suppose. Hopefully after the event they will release the full unedited footage.

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