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Australian Anime Publisher Siren Visual Open Their Youtube Channel


Especially over the last couple of months, Australian anime publishers Madman Entertainment and Hanabee have been making an increasing use of their official Youtube channels to post up interviews, trailers and regular updates. Siren Visual, another Australian anime publisher who have been behind some of the more unique releases (Including a handful of Aussie-exclusives) over the last couple of years have also begun started to use their Youtube channel which was originally launched in May 2011 and started having videos posted to it just two weeks ago.

At the moment there are just a couple of trailers for their current titles, but most interesting is the latest video posted up four days ago titled “Welcome to Siren Visual“. Given that this looks like a welcoming to the channel, here’s hoping we see more posted up in the coming weeks.

For interests sake, some of Siren Visual’s Australian-exclusive anime releases include Chihayafuru (Starting July), Dennou Coil, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai and Welcome to Irabu’s Office. For reviews on the last three titles, click on their names. Dennou Coil was proclaimed my Australian Anime Release of the Year 2011, while Welcome to Irabu’s Office remains a personal favorite of mine from the company.

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