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[E3 2013 News] Ubisoft Provide Further Details on Rocksmith 2014 Edition


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Ubisoft celebrated the launch of their E3 2013 press conference by unveiling the new Rocksmith 2014 edition following recent positive studies by the Research Study Group in the US that it was the fastest way to learn how to play the guitar. Rocksmith 2014 Edition will be available in October 2013, and allows players to plug any real guitar or bass directly into their Xbox360, Playstation 3, PC or Mac to begin their musical journey.

With a completely redesigned interface and all-new features, Rocksmith 2014 Edition is tailored to better teach the key elements of guitar playing, and to make learning faster and more fun than any other method.  A new fully customisable “Riff Repeater” lets players select any section of a song they want to play, and adjust the difficulty and speed on-the-fly.  A new “Master Mode” makes playing by memory more approachable and new “Guitarcade” mini-games have been created to hone specific guitar skills.  With these flexible and deep practice tools, it’s never been easier for players to play their favourite songs on guitar or bass.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition also features a new track list with more than 50 hit tracks, including “Stone” by Alice In Chains, “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith, “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan, “The Chimera” by The Smashing Pumpkins, “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis, “ultra soul” by B’z, a famous pop-rock Japanese band. Many more hits will be announced in the coming months.

On stage at E3, Ubisoft demonstrated Session Mode, a groundbreaking technology that enables players of any skill level to play guitar with a virtual band that jams along with them. Players can select the style of music and the particular instruments they’d like to accompany them and the rest happens dynamically, adapting live while they play.

Jerry Cantrell | Alice in Chains

Rocksmith’s new Session Mode feature is one of the most innovative music technologies in recent history and gives you the experience of playing with a real band that actually adapts to you.  The new Rocksmith 2014 Edition teaches real techniques for players of all skill levels.

Geoffroy Sardin | EMEA Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Ubisoft

In only one opus, Rocksmith has established itself as one of Ubisoft’s best-loved brands, with high player satisfaction scores confirming it is highly effective and enjoyable. We are bringing Rocksmith back, it’s better than ever, and it’s a brand we want to continue to build.

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