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[E3 2013 Announcement / Trailer] Kingdom Hearts 3 Confirmed For Release on the Playstation 4


After many side-stops on the Nintendo and Playstation portable consoles, Square Enix have finally decided to give fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise just what they have been wanting for many a year now…. Kingdom Hearts 3.

Following on from an already ecstatic announcement regarding Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix took fans by surprise by confirming that the next numbered Kingdom Hearts game is currently in development for the Playstation 4 platform and some simple gameplay mechanics were shown off during the minute and a half long trailer.

No other specifics have been provided by the company, but I look forward to seeing what new titles Disney will be adding to the mix. I have been watching quite a few Studio Ghibli films lately so maybe Disney (As the North American distributor of Studio Ghibli works) may have a guest appearance by Totoro or something… although this will most probably come down to wishful thinking on my part.

Kingdom Hearts was originally released exclusively for the Playstation 2 in 2002 as a collaboration title between Square Enix and Disney. Meeting critical acclaim it received a well-earned sequel “Kingdom Hearts 2” as well as a title for the Gameboy titled Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories which was later ported and adapted over to the Playstation 2. Since 2005/2006 since Kingdom Hearts II was launched, the game series took a detour into a number of un-numbered games for portable consoles – and finally is set to return to home video game consoles in the future.

Hopefully we will have a clearer trailer unveiled for the game soon.

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