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[E3 2013 Announcement] Electronic Arts and Dreamworks Confirm a Movie is in Production for Need for Speed Franchise


Electronic Arts and DreamWorks Studios have today lifted the curtain on a theatrical release based on the Need for Speed video game franchise which is set to launch next Spring. During the EA E3 2013 press conference, the film’s star Aaron Paul took center stage to unveil our first behind the scenes look at the film alongside the custom Ford Mustang he drives in the film. The car is part of an exclusive partnership between DreamWorks and Ford Motor Company for the movie. This one-of-a-kind vehicle will crossover from the big screen to the video game, Need for Speed Rivals, which will be available from the 21st November 2013.

Need for Speed marks an exciting return to the great car culture films of the 1960s and ’70s, tapping into what makes the American myth of the open road so appealing. The story chronicles a near-impossible cross-country journey for our heroes—one that begins as a mission for revenge, but proves to be one of redemption. Featuring the same exciting elements that has made Need for Speed one of the best-selling franchises in games – hot cars, epic chases and high-octane action, the film stars Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots (V for Vendetta) and Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger). Need for Speed is penned by George Gatins with writing partner and brother John Gatins (Flight) and directed by Scott Waugh (Act of Valor). The film will open in theaters worldwide beginning March 14, 2014.

Scott Waugh | Director of Need for Speed The Movie

The Need for Speed movie will embody everything that fans of action racing films want to see – hot cars, high stakes street racing and mind-blowing stunts. The adrenaline fueled story across America will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Need for Speed Rivals is the newest entry to EA’s long-running racing franchise. A collaboration between Ghost Games and Criterion Games, Need for Speed Rivals glorifies the heat of competition in the legendary rivalry of cops and racers. Gamers play as either a cop or racer, where each side of the law has its own set of high stakes challenges, rewards and consequences. This time, the stakes are at their highest as racers put their Speed Points on the line and risk losing them all if busted. Developed on the same Frostbite 3 engine as titles such as the new Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals also introduces the new AllDrive system that erases the line between single player and multiplayer, automatically connecting gamers to their friend’s racing world. Paths will cross on the open road, creating a world where no two moments will ever be the same.

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