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Dragon’s Dogma Quest Announced for the Playstation Vita – To Be A Free to Play 2D RPG



With Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen now on store shelves, you might be wondering what is next in store for the surprise hit of 2012. Well it turns out the series is at least temporarily bidding the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 adieu and jumping over to the Playstation Vita with Dragon’s Dogma Quest. Unfortunately this isn’t going to be your standard single-player game, with the plans for it to be a free-to-play online-only 2D RPG with amendments to the pawn system and micro-transaction’s to boot.

While we have yet to see just what the gameplay will entail due to lack of in-game screenshots, we have seen a wealth of character artworks indicating that Julien, Mercedes Marten and Mountebank will be returning for this run. Storyline will be delivered through a generic looking visual novel style system and Pawns will of course once again be playing an integral role in the game. This time around there is 150 different character classes for your Pawns, and when teaming up with friends’ pawns, you will be able to maintain a part of eight characters. How limiting the micro-transaction system will be on this is currently unknown. Some of the classes will include the Rogue, Magic Archer and Strider – to more specialized ones such as the Poison Enchanter and the Resonance Master.

The game follows you as a new Arisen who had his or her heart stolen by the Dragon. Shortly after these events he comes across another Arisen by the name of Lota and they decide to journey around the Latania Kingdom to retrieve their hearts.

Dragon's Dogma Quest Announced for the Playstation Vita - To Be A Free to Play 2D RPG 3
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