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Compile Heart Release New Trailer for God Dimension Idol Neptune PP – The Final CPU Goddess of LeanBox, Vert!


Having covered the console wars, the portable consoles working together to successfully save aforementioned consoles and the console wars in the 1980′s… Compile Heart have chosen to take a break from their usual line of RPG games to attempt something different. This is where God Dimension Idol Neptune (or as I sometimes call it, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Idol PP) comes in, as rather than saving the universe from the likes of Arfoire or the Seven Sages…. the CPU Goddesses are taking up the role of idols…. perhaps to save the world from another threat…. in some way.

To date we have had three out of the four CPU goddesses featuring in their own character-oriented trailers, leaving only the CPU Goddess from LeanBox (The games personification of the Microsoft XBox consoles) – Vert out of the picture. Finally, she gets a trailer of her own – in which we get to see the usual set of general footage alongside her performing the song “HP Infinite Love Power”.

While idol games generally do not find themselves localized to the international market, after Namco Bandai released the [email protected]: Shiny Festa games on the iOS…. I take it that anything could be possible. This is especially considering NIS America are actively in publishing Compile Heart games including those in the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise.

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