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Tunnel Town Launched on iOS


Video game developer Smart Bomb Interactive have announced the launch of their brand new iOS title “Tunnel Town”, which is a spin-off of their online game National Geographic Animal Jam. This free-to-play game for iPad, iPod, and iPhone lets players of all ages tunnel underground with a cast of very unusual bunnies from the world of Jamaa.  After discovering a strange new world, these bunnies need your help to build a vast subterranean playground with all the comforts of home.

Tunnel Town is the first iOS game from the company to give players complete creative control in designing an underground world that is entirely interactive.  Breed your bunnies the old fashioned way (on the dance floor, of course… DUH!) and discover strange new species.  Raise baby bunnies by hand and watch them grow.  You can pick them up, feed them, give them interactive toys, and put them to work mining gems and burrowing their way to an underground empire.  Combine different species to discover rare varieties, like the shy Jackalope, the frozen Chinchilly, and the gentle but elusive Squid Bunny – with over two dozen species of burrowing rabbits, and more on the way.

Clark Stacey | CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive

We’ve created a game that is truly free to play, allowing players to create an amazing underground playland and invite their friends to visit, all without spending a dime. With complete creative control, the possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination, and we feel that is our recipe for success. Placing buildings on a predetermined playset gets old – I want to design a whole world for my bunnies to live in.  It makes them feel much more like real pets to pick them up and play with them in a world you created yourself.  You can do all of that inTunnel Town without encountering paywalls.  If you want to purchase little extras for your bunnies you can, but you don’t have to in order to fully experience the game.

Tunnel Town is only available in a select number of regions at this time and only in English, but the company hope to have the game available in multiple languages and regions soon.

Tunnel Town Launched on iOS 3
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