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“The Battle For Caldari Prime” – The First Major Battle Between EVE Online and DUST 514



There have been many major battles that have taken place in EVE Online…. some which have been planned while others are newsworthy for being spontaneous all-out wars between groups. But with the recent release of DUST 514 on the Playstation 3… CCP Games have decided to share the storyline between the two games in “The Battle For Caldari Prime”, where players are exploring the violent reaction to the growing power of DUST 514 mercenaries.

If you are a player on either services, check out this introductory blog for the event HERE. They also advise you to keep your eyes on the news closely over the next few days, and to set aside your Friday afternoon (UTC) for this event.  DUST Mercenaries that participate in specific events this weekend will earn a commemorative dropsuit.

The main event will also be streamed through the companies official Twitch.tv page.



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