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Ghostlight Provide an Update on PAL Region Release of Devil Survivor 2


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After a considerable time waiting, Ghostlight are finally set to release the PAL region edition of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked on the Nintendo 3DS at the end of this month. The question is however…. what about the subsequent release of the sequel Devil Survivor 2 which was released on the Nintendo DS? The company in a recent blog post shared more information on its release and unfortunately it isn’t too optimistic even with the currently strong pre-orders of the first title.

They have confirmed that the European version of the game is finished and approved for release by Nintendo. However (and without going into too much detail), they have explained that the retail support in the region is supposedly low at the moment which they consider makes it difficult for them to release the title to market. So at the moment we don’t have an actual release date, and have confirmed they are looking at the most effective ways of making the game available to everyone. One of the mentioned possibilities would be a Collector’s Edition of the game available exclusively through their website – although this would need full support of the fans.

As a fan of the Shin Megami titles, I can happily recommend this title and encourage you to check out my review of it HERE.

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