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REMINDER: Australian Release of Persona 4 Golden (My Game of the Year 2012) Incoming!


Persona4Golden Cover 236x300 Persona 4 Golden   Game ReviewWhile the Australian releases of Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 the Animation have been delayed, fans of the series will be glad to know what Persona 4 Golden – published by NIS America and Namco Bandai Partners in the region will be available for purchase from the 21st February according to EB Games. As with the other releases, this is headed only to the Playstation Vita and is listed to retail for $43.00 at EB Games Australia… which in my opinion isn’t too bad for potentially dozens of hours of gameplay.

Persona 4 Golden is an enhanced PS Vita port of the original 2008 Playstation 2 installment. It features the same gameplay features but also throws in a number of new additions to keep things fresh – new social links, new Personas, a whole new dungeon, new events and brand new characters amongst other things.

I reviewed the game on the 3rd December 2012 for which it received the top score, and was later deemed to be my Game of the Year 2012. To read this review, click HERE.

In the small town of Inaba, a high school student has been sent to live with his uncle when his parents go away on extended business.  Soon after arriving, people begin to turn up dead under mysterious circumstances, and at the center of it all is a strange fog and the bizarre “Midnight Channel” that appears on blank TVs on rainy nights.  The kids in town soon discover that they have the ability to enter a dark, twisted world inside the TV, and they may be the small town’s only hope of solving the mystery.

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