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Dynasty Warriors 8 – Another Large Set of Character Trailers Part 2: Zhou Tai, Han Dang, Guan Ping, Guo Huai and Xiahou Ba


Video game developer Omega Force and publisher Tecmo Koei have been busy promoting their upcoming Japanese release of Dynasty Warriors 8 – and to make a change from the large sets of character oriented screenshots they have chosen to release a sizable set of them. Each of these trailers, which I will be posting over three posts will focus on different playable characters and will give you a bit of a feel as to what to expect when you get your hands on the game.

Dynasty Warriors 8 has not been confirmed for international release, however Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires will be released internationally this month.

Zhou Tai

Han Dang

Guan Ping

Guo Huai

Xiahou Ba

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