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XSEED Games To Release Corpse Party: Book of Shadows on the Playstation Store from the 15th January



Following their earlier release of “Corpse Party” on the Playstation Portable which, judging from media reception alongside by own was rather well received – XSEED Games decided to pick up the license to the sequel “Corpse Party: Book of Shadows”. The company have todaya nnounced that the game will be available on the Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita through the Playstation Store on the 15th January 2013.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows serves as the follow-up to 2011’s critically acclaimed, cult hit horror title, Corpse Party. A horrifying blend of adventure gameplay and visual-novel style presentation. In the first Corpse Party game, seven high school students, one little sister and one teacher found themselves trapped in the cursed Heavenly Host Elementary School…. the scene of a brutal crime many years ago and should not even exist. Trapped in this supernatural school of no escape, they were assaulted mercilessly by malevolent spirits as they attempted to work their way through the twists and “wrong ends” to find an ending which allowed them to escape.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is a compilation of eight short stories set before, during and after these events, “fleshing” out the experience and further developing its characters and mythos alike. Some chapters take place in an alternate timeline, where characters go into the events of Corpse Party with foreknowledge of the fates that are destined to befall them, granting them a rare opportunity to make different decisions and potentially avert their grisly demises. Other chapters detail events leading up to Corpse Party, providing insight into the minds of some of its less prominent characters and revealing the influence they may have had in the grand scheme of things (or the influence it may have had on them).

And the final chapter, available only to those who have either played through the first Corpse Party or seen every wrong end in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, details events from approximately two weeks after the first game’s conclusion, delving deeper into the mystery as two characters frantically search for answers in a location even more cursed and uninviting than Heavenly Host Elementary itself… Despite the apparent benefit of knowing the first game’s events, players should not expect to have all the answers, and at times will find themselves asking if the destiny of these unfortunate souls can truly be altered. Once again, “wrong ends” lurk around nearly every corner, amplified by binaural 3D audio effects when headphones are used and the chilling original Japanese voice track.

Gameplay in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows takes players on a more personal tour of Heavenly Host, with a point-and-click, adventure-style first-person perspective. As the terror level rises for individual characters, the unique “darkening” system will slowly distort the game’s visuals and alter the students’ decision-making abilities. “Wrong ends”, while just as horrific, come with fewer consequences this time around, as players can save anywhere and fast-forward through events they’ve already seen in order to expedite the process of achieving each scenario’s true ending.

You can also take a look at the games new website HERE.

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